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Data Discovery Tool

How to Use the Data Discovery Tool

Open the tool and hover over any dataset (individual node) to view its information. Hover over any connection to view the related score (out of 100). Notice that the thicker the line the ‘stronger’ the score and the more related the two datasets.

Use the slider bar to set the minimum score. The higher the minimum score, the fewer connections you will see, and the more related the objects are.

To search for a dataset, click the search bar with the “Select a Dataset” text. Begin typing and the top 3 related dataset titles will populate. Select any dataset from the dropdown and it will become your new central node, where you can find related data.

You can rearrange the connections by clicking a node and dragging it to a new location. If you click a node without dragging, it will become your new central node. Explore the different connections!

Data Discovery Tool Overview
Data Discovery Tool Methodology
Data Discovery Tool Demo

This is a BETA release so we’d appreciate any FEEDBACK you have, large or small.
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